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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We have been designing websites in Perth or a long time and these are some of the questions that our clients ask.

Whats the difference between a Microwebsite and a website?

Absolutely nothing.  When we started this business we were building small 3-4 page websites hence the name Microwebsites.  But there is nothing different than a website and Microwebsites – its just a name these days.

How long does a website take to build?

As a general rule of thumb, most sites are ready to launch within 2 weeks of a concept being approved. This time can vary depending on how many rounds of changes you like.

I  have heard that most web companies only allow 2-3 revisions while building the website?

We operate a bit differently and allow our clients to make as many rounds of changes as they like.  Generally about 7, but we have had a few clients with 20-30 rounds of changes.

How much time do we need to put in?

You are more than welcome to have a much or as little input as you like. We try to do 95% of the work to make the process quick and easy.

We don’t have any content for our website what do we do?

This is one of the first questions you should ask any web developer. Do we need to supply the wording or will you help?  Most don’t, but we will professionally write all wording and content.

We don’t have many photos what do we do?

You might be surprised but a large majority of websites use stock images.  Where possible we like to use your own photos but sometimes stock photos are more suitable.  As part of our $1695 website package we include as many stock photos as you like. Once the site is live it is also very easy to replace the stock photos with your own.

How easy is it to make changes moving forward and do you charge for this?

Your website is very easy to update and make changes. With each of websites we hold a training session on how to use the CMS.  We do have some clients who don’t have time, or wish to leave it up to the experts when it comes to updating and changing your site.

Can we register more than one domain name?

Yes, often we recommend this to protect your brand.  For example you business might be called Joes Cooking and the logical domain choice is www.joescooking.com.au, but you can also register www.joescooking.com and www. joescooking.net.au and point the last two domains to your website. This prevents anyone trying to imitate your business.

How many email address can we have, and can someone help set them up?

You can as many as you like and we can help you set them up all of you devices so emails are syncing.

Does a Microwebsite work on a mobile phone?

Absolutely!  Our sites work perfectly on all mobiles and tablets with a special click to call function where you can dial directly from the website.

What do we do with hosting?

All of our clients are free to host where they like. Most host with us as we use our own premium servers and only hosts sites that we build, not like the bargain basement hosting companies where your website is sitting on the same server and 1000’s of other sites.

If you choose to host with us we also warrant the website for its entire life.

Can we sell products online?

Of course,  Our sites have the functionally to incorporate a shopping cart. Extra costs do apply.

Are there any contracts and do we own the website?

We don’t have any contracts and you a free to come and go as you please.  Once your invoice is paid you own the website 100%.

What are your payment terms?

Once everyone is happy with the concept site, we need a deposit of $300 (30%) then the balance of $1395 is due within 7 days of the website going live.

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